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Speed Dating Questions Cheat Sheet for Men and Women

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For today’s men and women who are so engrossed in their work that sometimes their social lives take a back seat, a new type of dating comes to the rescue – speed dating! However, most people are reluctant to join speed dating events because they are at a loss as to how to formulate effective […]

Great Dating Gift Ideas to Woo Your Date and Win Her Heart

August 25, 2007 by  
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photo by Marija Jure A nice dating gift idea on the right occasion and at the right moment can do wonders and can speak millions of words on your behalf. There can be nothing more thoughtful than expressing yourself with a gift but when it’s for your first date you really feel confused and become […]

Can You Tell If You Have Healthy Dating Relationships?

August 19, 2007 by  
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Dating is an enjoyable and interesting part of any individual’s life. Although the experience can be fraught of uncertainties and stress, each and every individual goes through the dating experience during a certain stage of their teenage and adult life. Since almost all persons go through dating, they should be well aware of what the […]