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Discover 8 Tell-Tale Signs He Is Not Interested in You Anymore

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Reading your guy’s mind need not be a very tough job, as long as you are thinking clearly without being blinded by love, and know the following signs that he is not interested in you anymore-

1. Not answering your call – Has he been consistently ignoring your calls or avoiding conversation with you when you call , by saying he is ‘busy’, or the cell ‘phone battery is low’, etc? If you barely can get to talk to him for more than a few minutes daily, then there might be something to worry about.

2. He does not tell you all of his plans – being in a committed relationship means wanting to share your plans, your secrets, your dreams, etc. If he does not, then maybe he is just not THAT into you.

3. He hasn’t introduced you to any of his friends and relatives – Generally if a guy is interested, or believes that the relationship might be going ‘somewhere’, he would introduce you to his friends and relatives. So if he has not introduced you to anyone it might be one of the signs that the guy is not into you.

4. He calls you only late at night – if he calls you only late at night, as a gesture proving you that he is trying to keep in touch, but is usually unenthusiastic while talking, or hangs up quickly, it is usually not a good sign .

5. He is always busy when you invite him – okay so he doesn’t ask you out ever, and seems to be consistently avoiding you with the excuse of being busy – even on holidays, what does that mean? It obviously is one of the very strong signs he is not into you.

6. He lets you pay for everything – if he does not care about being a gentleman, or does not even care about your monetary comfort and personal needs , and allows you to pay all the time without interrupting, then maybe he has lost interest in you.

7. He always talks about his ex – this might be difficult for you to accept, but having your guy talk about his ex all the time is probably a sign that he is not yet over her. Talk to him about it, and if it does not help, maybe you should just move on without him.

8. He doesn’t remember important things about you – some men are bad with remembering things about their girlfriends, but if he seems to be forgetting everything starting from your birthday to the fact that you have an important interview coming up, it really isn’t a favorable sign.

However, before you jump into any conclusion based on what has been said above, keep in mind that there could be other reasons too- like he maybe stressed, or confused about the relationship, etc. So make sure to first talk to him about your problems and try and work things out. If nothing helps and if more than 3-4 of the above signs seem to be applicable to your relationships, then maybe they truly are signs that he is not interested in you anymore.

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