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Best Christmas Gift Ideas for Wife 2014

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Christmas Gift for WifeChristmas is a great holiday, and on Christmas Eve, every husband is looking for the best Christmas gift ideas for wife that will show his unconditional love.

So, what to give your lovely wife on a Christmas Eve should not only depend on your budget but on many other important factors that will symbolize light and hope for the best.

Here are the list of cool Christmas gift ideas for wife, your wife will definitely appreciate if you invite her somewhere she always wanted to go, but never dared or couldn’t find time, for example:

  • Going to a skating rink and having a great time together waltzing or racing with each other.
  • Many ladies adore horses, if she is one of them then take her on a ride.
  • If she is a fan of a theater and a specific actor or a singer – she will be more than happy to visit their concert with you.
  • Maybe, she always wanted to try an unusual adventure like hot air ballooning – this could become one of the most memorable events in her life.
  • If she is afraid of height than a trip on a yacht would be an excellent alternative.
  • Another great way to spend time together is to rent a cozy house in some romantic place and order a fantastic dinner for two of you only.
  • Visiting Paris or any other famous romantic destination for a few days before Christmas can turn into an exciting time for both of you.

Christmas Gift for Her

Since many women adore beautiful things you can please your wife with exquisite Christmas gifts, such as:

  • Hire an artist that could create a portrait of her in some unusual form or, if she likes classic art, than an oil painting of her. She will definitely be pleasantly surprised.
  • If you want her to feel pretty make a gift in the form of expensive lingerie and a set of make-up.
  • By pretty things we also mean living things – she always wanted a kitten or a puppy or some other kind of pet – go ahead, she will adore you even more.
  • You can’t forget about jewelry – there are no women in existence that don’t like to be pretty in diamonds and gold.
  • Bringing warmth, beauty and tropical freshness to your home was always her dream – take a chance and buy a palm tree or any other exotic plant, then no matter what kind of weather expects you outside this gift will always warm your hearts.
  • Also don’t be shy of giving her smaller things like an original bouquet of flowers or a box of chocolate candies.

Practical things should not be eliminated from your list of Christmas gifts for wife, as well:

  • Begin with clothes and accessories: like a fur coat or a scarf and a matching purse, stylish sunglasses, etc.
  • Home accessories are also very important: a set of decorated dishes or a piece of missing furniture.
  • She needs a new gadget, what could be simpler than a tablet, a phone, an e-book or a laptop.
  • How about buying her a subscription of regular visits to a spa-salon – remember every woman wants to be as beautiful as she can.
  • If you know her favorite scent then take an opportunity to give her a perfume or a set of various scents if you can’t figure out the right one.

Your wife has a great sense of humor then surprise her with some funny gift:

  • Give your wife a huge teddy bear. The size of the bear will hint on how much you love her. This will be a very unusual and original gift.
  • Two paired t-shirts with your portraits for yourself and wife. This will hint to the fact that you and your wife are one.
  • Invite her favorite stand up actor-comedian to your party and enjoy every joke together with your friends.

Choosing a Christmas gift for wife sometimes can be hard, but you really need to accomplish two things only to give her the right one: first, is to find out her preferences – means paying more attention to what she says or looks at when you’re at a mall right before Christmas, and second, is to actually buy the gift. That’s it! Oh, and don’t forget the most important part – your sincere smile and a good mood.

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