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Best Honeymoon Destination for all Tastes to Add Romance or Renew Old Flame

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The best honeymoon destination in the world has to be undeniably Italy. With its diverse topography ranging from the Italian Alps in the north to its breathtaking South with its beaches, Italy has something for all types of honeymooners.

Since centuries, Italy has held a special place in the hearts of lovers and the country embodies romance, history, art, shopping and cuisine like nowhere else. Whether you and your spouse/fiancé are beach-bums, art-lovers, history fanatics or gourmands, Italy is the perfect setting for your romance.

Imagine vineyards, olive and cypress trees all aglow with translucent light and now place yourself with your fiancé/spouse in that setting enjoying a delectable meal while sipping on some great Chianti – what could be more romantic?!

Some of the most-visited places of the world are in Italy itself. Venice was designed for romance and even now there is no place like it to fall in love or renew your love. Gliding down the Grand Canal in a gondola at dusk, watching the play of light on the water and the palazzos edging the water, hearing the gondolier sing the immortal love songs of Italy can be totally magical.

The Piazza San Marco with its majestic basilica and the innumerable cafes and shops will hold you spell bound while Venice’s maze of alleys will tempt you to get lost in them and take stolen kisses.

The ‘Eternal City’ of Rome is the capital of the country and home to The Vatican, the Coliseum and St. Peter’s Basilica. Here, the past and present exists side-by-side and it is a city rich in culture and history. Once the empire of the world, its influence can still be seen in the majestic buildings and the grand fountains scattered across the city.

The Piazza Navona, the Spanish Steps are the haunt for youngsters to congregate in the evenings and the areas of Trastevere, Testaccio will offer vibrant nightlife if you are in the mood for some modern dancing.

Tuscany with Florence at its centre is one of the most beautiful regions of Italy. Florence was the cradle of the Renaissance and the world-famous Uffizi gallery and the Accademia are testimony to the great Renaissance masters.

Brunelleshci’s Duomo soars above the city buildings and the bridge of ‘ponte vecchio’ abounds with jewellery stores should you wish for some fancy memento. The Tuscan countryside is justifiably famous for its vineyards and hilltop towns. Indulge in some wine-tasting while taking in the beauty of the Chianti region.

Towards South there is the breathtaking Capri, the Amalfi coast and further down, Sicily boasting of some of the most beautiful and pristine beaches in the world.

Italy has many more places simply made for honeymooners and it is no wonder that it is considered the best honeymoon destination in the world.

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