Monday, December 18, 2017

Big Beautiful Women are Sexy Too – Do You Judge a Woman By Her Looks…. Try This One Out.

It is a common thought now days that big beautiful women are sexy too and beauty is only skin deep but it goes without saying that the ugly is to the bones. However hard we try, ultimately we all end up judging people based on their physical appearance.

The society today connects beauty to the way a person looks and it has created its own standards for men and women. The women do not only have to wear make-up and designer clothes, they also need to have a slim figure. The skinny women are the ones who are pleasing to the eye of the present generation.

However, it is not fair to limit beauty only to the women in shape. The big plus size women are equally beautiful and sexy. In the coming paragraphs we will have a sneak peak into the expression – ‘Big beautiful women are sexy too!!’

Most large sized women suffer from a low self-esteem. They are short in confidence and always wish if they were someone else. People make fun of them, play with their feelings and emotions, they are looked down upon by both men and skinny, well-figured women.

It is heart-breaking that skinny women with negative attitude are valued more than the over-weight nice women. Contrarily, they are tortured not only by the outsiders, but also by their own family members. However, the fact is that the beauty of a woman is depicter by her character, attitude and the way she carries herself. Consequently, the big women are beautiful and can be called sexy too.

There is somehow a little change in the trend in the recent years. The big beautiful women are considered elegant, stylish and even sexy. Though some dismiss this fact as mere expression that beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder but the fact is that most men today are more attracted today towards voluptuous women.

They like the curvaceous, full-size beauty more than the stick-thin ladies who simply feed on the lettuce leaves and green salads. They find the big-sized women gorgeous, while those that lack flesh on their bones look miserable and emaciated.

The warmth and passion emanated by larger women today have become the hallmarks of beauty. There are many living examples of large sized sexy women like Oprah Winfrey, Monique and Maggie Tabberer who have personified elegance, beauty and style.

It is undoubtedly a fact that the size of these women has been the reason behind their charisma an appeal. They surely would not have been so stunning had they been lean and thin. Most such women have a lovely complexion, smooth skin and soft feminine features that are missing in their skeletal counterparts.

A glance at history also proves that women who were portrayed as beautiful on the canvas were not at all skinny. They had superb womanly curves, rosy complexion and cushioned bones that signified posterity. Some cultures till today do not expect their women to be extra-slim, as they prefer stunningly beautiful ladies with glowing supple skin, ample curves and warm features.

In spite of all this, there is also a fact that beauty lies within. The real beautiful woman is a one who can attract you like a magnet despite their imperfect bodies. These women have irresistible beauty that radiates not from their physical appearance but from their pure loving heart. Thus remember that big beautiful women are sexy too and are not to be overlooked.


One Response to “Big Beautiful Women are Sexy Too – Do You Judge a Woman By Her Looks…. Try This One Out.”
  1. Kara Kibodeaux says:

    This article hit the nail on the head!!!!! Hell yea!! Not only are big women beautiful, we are also VERY compassionate, loving, and GREAT lovers!! To all the big girl haters: REAL WOMEN HAVE CURVES!!

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