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Choosing Unique Birthday Gifts for Her

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Unique Birthday Gift for Girl Friend

When a lady’s birthday looms, men often find it difficult to buy unique birthday gifts for her; gifts that will both satisfy and please the lady in question.

When buying birthday gifts for women, always steer away from those gifts that men are almost expected to buy and that have now become something of a cliché. These include perfume and lingerie, both of which are off limits as gifts for women. Unless there’s something specific that can make your gift unique, books, music and films should also be avoided.

Unique birthday gift ideas aren’t easy to come up with, especially if you don’t know the lady well so you may find that you’ll need to undertake some subtle investigations beforehand in order to ensure that you find one or more unique birthday gifts for her.

Over the years I’ve spoken to many ladies about the kind of unusual birthday gifts they’d like to receive and the following have been amongst the most popular:

Theatre Tickets – Women love the opportunity to dress up and being taken to the theatre by a generous man is a unique birthday gift most women will adore. Book a meal in a good restaurant before the performance, and make sure she’s transported to and from the theatre by taxi or, even better, a chauffeur driven limousine. Such a gift is often the most successful birthday gift for women.

A Weekend Away – Women love being wooed and what better way than to whisk her away to some romantic spot for a weekend? Book the best hotel you can afford and make sure you share at least one candle-lit dinner if you want your romantic break to be a special birthday gift.

A Trip In A Hot Air Balloon – Most women have never been in a hot-air balloon but the majority see it as something truly romantic gift. There are companies that arrange hot-air balloon trips for couples that include champagne. Buy a trip as a unique birthday gift for her and I can almost guarantee that she’ll be pleased.

A Picnic – While this may not sound like a unique birthday gift idea, a picnic in the woods or on an secluded beach can be exactly the kind of birthday gift for women that will be remembered for a very long time, especially if she knows that you can barely afford anything expensive. Take along a comfortable blanket, some mouth-watering food and a bottle of wine and just enjoy being together.

The main thing to remember when thinking about unique birthday gift ideas is to remember that the best birthday gifts aren’t necessarily the most expensive gifts. In fact, most women will be far happier with a birthday gift that you’ve given plenty of thought to rather than something expensive that was ordered quickly from a catalogue and bought merely to impress.

As mentioned earlier, try to find out a little about the kind of things she’d enjoy doing beforehand. After all, there’s no point in arranging a balloon flight for a lady who’s afraid of heights, or a weekend in Paris for a lady who hates anything French. Indeed, the most successful unique birthday gifts for her are those that perfectly match her personality, regardless of the cost.


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    But no, not all ladies like individuals factors as presents. In reality, many adult females have obtained these kind of plain Lockets a great number of periods they elicit tiny a lot more than a shrug of pleasure.

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