Saturday, October 25, 2014

The Dating Game – Blind People Dating Sites

Just like normal people who are blessed with no disabilities, blind people also have the same physical and social needs that have to be satisfied. Simply because they are blind or visually impaired does not make them a lesser individual. Even e-commerce entrepreneurs recognize this fact and have come up with a unique and innovative approach to provide for one basic socialization need and developed blind people dating sites.

Now, blind singles have their very own dating sites for the visually impaired where they can find friends, make dates or simply look up information regarding people with disabilities without fear of rejection or ridicule.

Blind people dating sites do not discriminate or limit membership to blind or visually impaired people, they let everyone sign up and join and discover the other side of dating people who have disabilities or are handicapped. You will be surprised by the number of able bodied men and women of all ages and nationalities signing up with dating sites for the handicapped because they believe in finding a real relationship regardless of physical conditions.

With this development in the World Wide Web, I can truly say that the Internet makes everybody equal, not only in entrepreneurship but in dating! You might question whether this type of dating would succeed or not but believe me, some of them are even recruiting for affiliates around the world! That’s how popular they have become already in such a short period of time.

Aside from blind people dating sites there are also dating sites for the disabled where physically challenged individuals can connect with a community of people who have disabilities, make friends, find romance and rediscover themselves with others from all over the world!

Some of the popular dating sites for disabled persons are,, and Surprisingly, these dating sites are not that different from other online dating websites except for the fact that they cater to people with disabilities or people who are able but relate to disabled persons better than the rest of us.

Features of these dating sites for the handicapped are almost the same as regular dating sites except there are numerous help tips and guides on how to prepare your profile.

Generally, most blind people dating sites exercise a greater degree of confidentiality and are done in good taste. These unique dating sites aims to establish a global network where disabled singles can find friendship, romance and life-long partners without the pressures of society and without incurring added costs since most of them are free and if there is a membership fee, you have the option of a 30-day trial without incurring any expense.

These websites give life back to disabled persons where they can be themselves, relax, chat, flirt and have fun with people from all over the world.


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  1. scott says:

    So where is there a sight for blind people that want to date?

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