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Hot Ideas for Some Creative Marriage Proposals

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Creative Marriage Proposal to Win Her Heart - Would You Marriage Me?Lack of originality often kills the most extravagant of marriage proposals and leaves the beloved feeling a bit let down. Now, no one expects their boyfriend to turn into a knight in shining armor riding a white horse and come galloping to sweep her off her feet with a grand marriage proposal!

But, guys, can we at least try and show some creativity here, instead of getting stuck in the usual hackneyed proposals? Creative marriage proposals need not be difficult if you put your imagination to it and for those who can’t here are some ideas for wedding proposals.

If your girlfriend is very much into music and likes listening to the radio at a particular station, strike a deal with the DJ of that radio station to make an announcement of your marriage proposal. Make sure that you know the exact time the DJ is going to announce the proposal so that you and your girlfriend are listening together at that time. Or, you can arrange for the DJ of your favorite nightclub to announce the marriage proposal in the midst of the music, if the two of you are into nightclubbing.

Amongst other romantic marriage proposal ideas, the elegant dinner may sound a bit clichéd but the whole concept of this clichéd elegant evening out turns creative if you two are the types who do not do this very often. For that special evening, go the whole hog and disarm her with roses, chocolates, champagne or don’t even do that; just go to an upscale restaurant where you have always wanted to go but haven’t been able to and in the middle of the dinner have musicians serenade her and you pop the question.

Another great idea is to take her on a surprise trip to someplace where she has always been longing to go and then on the very last night, hand her a ‘souvenir’ in the form of a wedding proposal letter. Don’t spout hackneyed marriage proposal lines but intersperse the proposal with favorite quotes and enclose the engagement ring within the letter.

Some of the most romantic proposal locations in the world would undoubtedly be Venice or Paris. These places exude romance and the most prosaic of lovers will be given to waxing lyrical about their girlfriends and creative marriage proposals will not be hard to come by. Or, stand in front of that immortal ode to love, the ‘Taj Mahal’ and propose to your beloved under moonlight. And if such ideas seem mere flights of fancy, stick to your time-tested neighborhood parks or restaurants where you would have stolen your first kiss with her!

Online wedding proposals are also popular, so don’t get bogged down by the typical proposal ideas but get creative!

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