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Survival Kit for Dating Your Boss

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Dating your boss is always a tricky affair and though we certainly can’t control with whom we will fall in love, if the person in question is the boss, it makes the whole situation a bit awkward. After all, you will be seeing the person at least five days a week, eight hours or more per day and in an environment where you have to be formal and remember your place.

Co-workers will talk, rumor mills will work overtime and gossip will do the rounds. A certain amount of resentment may be apparent in your coworkers and some may outright accuse you of special favors, even if that is not the case. It is a very delicate balance which you will have to manage if you are to maintain your relationship with both your boss as well as your coworkers.

Find office love relationship - dating your boss is pretty common in this modern world, look at this young and beautiful secretary takes initiative to win her boss heart.The first thing to do even before you accept your boss’s invitation for a drink/dinner is to be aware of the company policy. If the company policy frowns on dating coworkers and that includes your boss, it might be better to back off initially and weigh whether the job or dating the boss is more important. And if you still harbor feelings for your boss, then the ball is in your court!

Some companies do not make a big issue out of dating coworkers or the boss. In that case, feel free to accept the invitation and let things take its course. But, do remember, that it is imperative that you keep your relationship outside the gambit of work. Your coworkers can quickly become unfriendly if you go around bragging that, ‘hurray, I am dating my boss’!

Acting superior just because you get to date your boss will get their backs up and you will lose support amongst your colleagues. So, don’t throw your weight around and expect everyone else to be in awe of you or to be at your beck and call because you have power with the boss. And never make the mistake of telling tales about your coworkers to your boss even when you are dating him.

Coworkers will find a way to get even with you if you turn unpleasant. On the flip side, don’t try and hide the fact that you are dating your boss. You don’t have to announce it on a mike but, if questioned, it is best to acknowledge it.

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