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Some Basic but Decent Dinner Date Ideas for the Shy

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Romantic dinner could be the best first date dinner ideas for newly met young coupleDinner date ideas have probably made people rack their brains more than anything else. All of us have at some point or the other torn our hair out trying to think of the perfect date dinner. And, now here’s the clincher! You cannot come up with ‘perfect’ dinner dates.

This is because even if you have planned out the most perfect evening, it is not the things for that evening which will make it right for you but it is you yourself and your partner who will be responsible for turning that date dinner into a memorable one. The peripherals are important but they can only help it that much. Ultimately it is the two of you who are going to make the date exciting and something to remember.

Anyways, now that we have the basics out of the way, let’s concentrate on actually how we can come up with a few decent dinner date ideas. Romantic dinner places are, of course, the first thing to pop in our minds and let me tell you it’s not a bad idea at all.

Don’t go by the blasé minority that they are clichés and surely you can think of something more original?! In the first place, clichés become clichés because they are repeated so often and for a good reason; who would, frankly, trade places with a greasy fast-food joint if given a chance of a nice, romantic place to meet for dinner?! But, if it is your first date, then, perhaps a neutral atmosphere might be better to put your date at ease and start conversations.

Dinner and a movie also come in the ‘clichéd’ category and once again, I am all for this cliché. Where would all the lovesick teenagers be if it wasn’t for dinner and a movie ideas?!

The average teenager is always strapped for cash and taking a date out for dinner and a movie is one of the things which are affordable. And, they need not even spend money on movie tickets- just rent a movie at home, have some hot popcorn, chips, pizza, soda etc. around and settle down to it. This also takes care of the perennial problem of ‘where to meet’!

Married couples too can get cozy with a movie-at-home though they can perhaps, make their dinner more lavish. For a special occasion, whip up something interesting to eat, strew flowers around the house, light aromatic candles, chill the wine and have good music. I know, I know, these are all again clichés but remember the golden rule- they are there for a good reason.

Dinner date ideas are aplenty but its best to go in for something with which you will be ultimately comfortable.

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