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Does My Ex Want to Get Back With Me? – What to Do When You Find Yourself Asking

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You may start asking “does my ex want to get back with me?” if your ex seems to be getting more interested in you, or looks forward to going out with you more frequently or is trying to be flirtatious. However, do not start anticipating too much, though it may be fair to swing your hopes a little high.

This is because, signals such as the ones mentioned above are extremely common ways in which ex’s begin to express interest in getting back together. However, since the matter is still very delicate, it is best to not dwell too much into the idea.

Perhaps the best thing to do is playing hard to get, (do not over do this), and see how your ex responds. Jumping straight into the thing might push them further away from you. It helps if you can understand that if they are beginning to feel interested you again, it was perhaps because you had been hard to get all these days.

When two people who have been through a relationship break up, it is natural that it should follow with both the partners missing each other, especially if the relationship they had lasted for a year or longer. Regardless of the circumstances, your ex must be missing you too, recollecting the memories of times you shared together.

However, there are other emotions that they could be feeling as well, including feelings of regret. Perhaps just like you, because of the very same reasons and emotions that you feel your ex wonders the same thing “does my ex want to get back with me?”.

Nevertheless you can never completely rule out the possibility that your ex maybe just trying to play a game. They may be aware of your feelings for them and could be simply playing to get your attention, without any real intentions of getting back. Therefore do not get swept off, unless their feelings look genuine.

An even worse case scenario is when your ex tries to get back to you to avenge for any perceived wrong. Thus, as you ask yourself “does my ex want to get back with me?”, make very clear that the situation and your ex’s actions are true before taking any further step.

Though, it is not uncommon if you begin to wonder “does my ex want to get back with me?” it is necessary to feel and understand the situation well before taking any action. Generally it is best to play a bit hard to get since this will save you from much pain in case your ex was not exactly very serious about getting back together.


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