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Good Questions for First Dates to be Asked to Impress Your Partner

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Ideas for the first date questions are always a puzzle for most people. Going for the first date together can be good fun for some and intimidating for others. You can go thinking about your partner in a particular way and it may turn out to be just the opposite.

Nothing can be more embarrassing then being tongue tied on your first date because you have nothing common to talk about. The only worse situation can be asking personal and inquisitive questions that leaves your date in an awkward position. Here are some first date tips that will sail you through.

What kind of things to ask on a first date? The ice breaker question can be asking your partner about his/her family and friends. This is a good way to start the conversation. Then you can also ask about what they look for in their partner. This will tell you about their romantic dreams and aspirations and whether you fit the bill or not.

Most people will try to give the standardized answers like good looks, sense of humor, honesty etc and you can probe into these things deeper to know the person more closely. In the course of conversation you can also ask your partner about the kind of relationship he/she is looking towards with you or their idea of a perfect relationship. This will tell you about what are their expectations from the relationship.

Double check the answers by asking a ‘why’ to know more about their level of commitment and interest. You should also tell about your expectations to let your partner know more about you.

If these questions seem too over the top for you on the first date itself then you can ask some light and fun questions like the type of books and movies your partner likes and why. Ask them about what they like in their job and would they trade it with any other job in the world. Or ask them about their craziest experience or their most embarrassing moments.

Ask them about their worst date experience. These will surely lead to laughter and amusement and help to create a relaxed atmosphere. You can also ask what annoys or irritates them the most so that you take care not to do that ever!

First dates are all about getting to know the person more closely and trying to find the common thread. These first date ideas will help you do exactly that. Don’t get too personal and confrontational on the first date itself as it might intimidate the other person.

Avoid asking questions about their past relationships and save all your curiosity for the subsequent dates. Show your bright and positive side by asking correct first date questions and you are sure to have many more dates following.

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