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Fun Things to Do With Your Boyfriend Tips for You

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Looking for fun things to do with your boyfriend? Read on…

It’s Friday again. You must have planned a movie, meeting friends, completing some pending task in this weekend. Why not do something different and plan some fun things to do with your boyfriend.You could make the best use of time and make it memorable for your boyfriend. There can be many ways of making the weekend special. So let’s plan each day of the weekend.

Friday night- a time to relax and enjoy because you don’t have to go to work/college the next day. You can choose from ample ideas of fun things to do at home and contrive a romantic night for him. Cook his favourite meal and lay a table for two with candles and music. You can even slow dance with your boyfriend. Watching a movie, playing video games,reading his favourite book, listening to his choice of songs could also be fun. List of fun things to do on a Friday night could be never ending.

Beautiful Lady Spends a Wonderful Friday Night at Home Having Fun with Her BoyfriendSaturday can be the day of fun, frolic and excitement. Start your day by having breakfast in bed. This will give your boyfriend a hint about your plan for the rest of the day. You can give him nice full body massage or pamper him with pedicure and manicure. Prepare a bubble bath and play some slow romantic music and get in the tub with him.

This could be his most memorable romantic moment of the day. If he is an adventurous sort then you can plan a trekking to the nearby hills. When you plan things to do with him on Saturday, just keep in mind that the activity should be of his interest because you want him to enjoy being with you.

Having discussed quite a few ways of having a fun weekend with your boyfriend, we should not forget the most important aspect, your relationship. To keep that spark and charm you need to know how to make him want you. So why not put on that dress that makes you look beautiful and attractive.

Place some candles around the room and use some flowers to freshen up the air. Tease him but don’t let him get hold of you easily. Compliment him and let him know how much you love and need him. Say something naughty in his ears. He will get crazy about you and you can have a nice time together.

When planning fun things to do with your boyfriend just remember that he also wants to spend time with you. So plan things that you both can enjoy.Sometimes just discussing the past week or planning for the future can be enriching and helps in making your bond stronger.

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