Monday, December 18, 2017

How Successful is Gemini Scorpio Compatibility?

The Gemini Scorpio Compatibility is really difficult as both of them are completely different from each other in almost every aspect. Gemini does not easily become attached to anyone and are not high on emotions whereas Scorpions are highly emotional and they look for meaningful relationships and as such tend to become attached very fast.

Scorpions love to lead a private life and do not like socializing much whereas Gemini’s are social animal and love to interact with people from various walks of life. Gemini loves to express thoughts and involve in chatters whereas Scorpions wants solitude and need private space.

The huge difference between Gemini Characteristics and Scorpio Characteristics suggests that there relationship cannot exist but if we check on Gemini and Scorpio Love Compatibility we will find that they have somewhat similar preferences as far as sex life is concerned. Both prefers an active sex life and like to experiment on bed.

They can lead a passionate life as far as being physical is concerned but as far as other traits are concerned they are radically different. A scorpion wants stability n Love whereas a Gemini wants to throw surprises and is very playful. In short we can say that the Scorpio love horoscope does not have any place for a Gemini and they can have a tough battle if married to each other.

Gemini and Scorpio relationship can exist if they are able to get along together and are ready to make compromises for each other in a big way. Scorpio’s dynamism and Gemini’s imagination can beat all combinations and their opposite traits can prove to be beneficial for each other if they are committed to each other and want to gain from each others characteristics. Although they are two different poles but it is true that ‘Opposites attract each other’ and if this happens in human relationship one can guess the results. The attraction may last for few days only as they may start confronting each other which may result in their relationship to explode.

It will really be a difficult task to continue with Gemini Scorpio relationship in the long run until and unless the placements of other planets in their birth chart favour such relationship. If Scorpio has fire or airy elements in other planets and Gemini has Moon and Venus Sign, then there is a chance of Gemini Scorpio relationship. Otherwise both of these sun sign people are totally different and may be considered as two ends of a pole. Although, the inconsistencies sometimes result in some sort of compatibility, but a Gemini Scorpio compatibility can only be dreamt about if both are ready to make adjustments and compromises.

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