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All About the Gemini Women and Pisces Men Love Matches to Help Them Click

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The Gemini women and Pisces men relationships have always been difficult to understand. While in some ways it could be said that the relationship can be made to work out and last with some extra effort, most of the times, however, it seems tough to keep the relationship going for too long.

This is basically because of the difference in temperaments of the Gemini woman and the Pisces man. Generally it has been observed that the typical Pisces male traits do not match with the typical Gemini characteristics personality.

For example, the Gemini women might appear to be more blunt and sharp tongued, than the Piscean man would prefer her to be like. His finer feelings might be hurt by her way of talking and her overall attitude toward him and the relationship.

Also, such a union will find the woman being able to express herself well, and the man succumbing to his own self. He might find it tough to share himself well with her, which could leave him distressed and dissatisfied.

Needless to say a lot of effort would have to be made, especially by the Gemini woman to make her man feel loved and wanted. She would have to take care of his unique Pisces characteristics which demands affection and love from the spouse. The man too will have to make compromises and will have to treat her delicately, giving her what she wants, instead of putting his own preferences first.

It is a known fact that “Gemini” is not exactly the answer to the question “which sign is Pisces most compatible with”. However, hard work, compromise and careful understanding for each other, can make things happen for the mates.

This is because, in spite of all their differences, the Gemini women & Pisces men relationships do enjoy certain advantages. For example, the passionate and romantic nature of the Pisces man, having a wistful look, can greatly amuse the Gemini lady.

On the other hand, then typical Gemini nature, of being light hearted and carefree can attract the Piscean man to a great extent. This difference can teach both the individuals how to live life better, and pull themselves out of their extremes. Their difference in attitudes can also make good family.

The man, if a bit practical and independent by nature, can make a great spouse for the Gemini. The individuals, if intelligent enough, will benefit from smart conversations, and their maturity can help them deal with their differences arising because of the expected lack of compatibility for Gemini and Pisces.

The Pisces and romantic compatibility is surely tough to understand. While both individuals are not really meant to be together, strong love and determination can go a long way in turning the situation around. After all there must be some way to explain why Gemini women & Pisces men still do manage to get along in so many cases!

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7 Responses to “All About the Gemini Women and Pisces Men Love Matches to Help Them Click”
  1. Roxie says:

    That gave me a good sense..I have just started a relationship with Pisces male..and this made me consider all the aspects i should keep in mind as we carry this to – hopefully – marriage :)

  2. matt says:

    My fiance gemini female is exactly all of these things but she is patient with and I with her, more so than anyone else prior. I hope its enough.

  3. G3mini1der says:

    For those who believe there is no validity or truth in astrology, I will say that this article is very true. I am a Gemini woman. My father is a Pisces. I am in a relationship with a Pisces as well (him and my Dad’s birthdays are 1 day apart). Me and my Pisces man have been together since we were 16 and we will be turning 32 this year. Considering the time frame and span, yes, we have had our ups and many, many downs. However, there is something about the attraction between a Pisces and Gemini that is soooo magnetic. If the two are meant to meet and truly love each other, then this will be an everlasting match. It will be difficult at times, but the longer you spend together and as your love grows stronger for each other, the two of you will become inseparable at the heart!

  4. candice says:

    yes indeed a very strong attraction….its a matter of continuous effort….although manny ups…there are downs too but all of them are nothing compared to their love for each other.. my boyfriend is a piscean and wel be celebrating our first anniversary im soo excited..we have made it through..this is the best relationship ever!!

  5. Miss Gemini says:

    I am in a new relationship with a Pisces man and I am so scared of having another failed relationship. I am gemini and he is pisces and we can talk on the phone until the sun comes up. I am so scared of the future…HELP!

  6. summer says:

    a lot of this is true….but what they are not telling you is that a gemini and pisces relationship can be very toxic

  7. Birdy Bird says:

    I am a Gemini Woman who met a piscas man about 2yrs ago. He approached me 1st. At first I did nothing, but after time I started to like him more and more. He was different alright, but I stuck with him, and I am not one to stick it out with someone who is like a roller coaster with emotions.. but I did. I am glad I did, i still see him, we do very much have things in common about our lives and things. i want to learn how to be more relaxed and I am learn through him. i want to let him know how much I really like him. He knows I like being with him in and out of bed:) I thought we would be Toxic in our relationship too, but sometimes with time, things do get better and in this relationship it has gotten much better. One day at a time..

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