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Great Wedding Reception Ideas – Less Can be More With a Little Time and Thought

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Wedding reception ideas can be gauged from online sites, wedding planning organizations and even the weddings of friends and relatives. A wedding is such a personal affair but the reception can become a huge public gathering or a small, intimate one depending upon individual tastes.

Many waver between a formal dinner seating for 200 people and a buffet. Some may want all the pomp and ceremony of a receiving line while others may be content to mingle in the crowd shaking hands. It all boils downs to the personal preferences of the couple and they have to take a call on the type of wedding reception they want.

The wedding reception is the first major event immediately after the wedding for the couple and they would like it to be memorable. The reception is a form of participation by the guests to celebrate the happy couple’s union so the wedding reception becomes as much for the guests as the couple’s.

While toying with different wedding reception ideas, one first has to keep the guest list and the budget in mind. Where budget is no constraint, the reception can be as lavish as the couple wants. But, where the budget is an important factor, certain considerations have to be taken into account without compromising on the quality of the wedding reception.

The average couple embarking on a new life does so on a modest budget, and cannot afford the glitz of a high-expenditure wedding reception. But, there are many creative ways to tackle the problems of a limited budget yet have a good party. The most obvious way is to cut down on the number of guests and invite only those who really matter to you. This way you can perhaps splurge on a better venue and food and wine.

If someone offers his/her use of home for your wedding reception, take it up with alacrity. This will save the cost of hosting at a hotel considerably. A club, museum or parks are some other venues which can be considered for a budget-wedding reception.

With a minimum of effort these places can be done up nicely and the food can be catered by a professional. Opt for a buffet instead of a sit-down meal. This way you will save on the decorations of each table and the furniture itself.

If the reception has been booked at a hotel or restaurant, the catering manger can be a big help in acting as the wedding coordinator which will save you time and money. The hotel or restaurant can provide for cakes, florists and even a deejay at reasonable rates.

There are many wedding reception ideas in which to hold a modest wedding reception without letting go of the fun and excitement.


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