Monday, February 19, 2018

High School Sweetheart – Can It Really Last? One Debatable Issue That Concerns Many of Us

‘High school sweetheart – can it really last?’ is one question all of us tend to ask ourselves at least some point of time in our high-school lives or the other, when we seem to be falling in love. While getting into relationships maybe one of the most common things in any high-school campus, so are break ups and so are patch ups! So how does one really answer to the question?

Well, it has been proved time and again that most high school goers lack enough maturity to handle things as delicate as relationships. Though falling in love is natural during teenage years, most are not ready to take up the responsibility that comes with falling in love and getting into a relationship.

It gets difficult when a girl finds her boyfriend getting too friendly with another girl, or if the boy finds her girlfriend turning too busy with her endless phone calls, to give him time. Sometimes trifle matters such as these can also ruin the strongest looking bonds.

However, though most high school relationships do not tend to last, one cannot completely deny the fact that there are couples who have been dating since their teenage days. One thing found common among each of these couples was that they never let small issues get their way.

It was about a lot of compromise, sometimes even to the extent of sacrificing the much precious high-school fun life, so as to not disappoint their partners. Or sometimes these couples were lucky enough to be too similar to each other to have any major differences.

High school relationships generally have a lot of challenging issues to face. This is what makes them even tougher to handle. While one case maybe that during teenage, it hardly takes time to get bored of one, and fall in love with another, peer pressure, pressure of studies, parents, teachers etc can act as other factors that may cause it difficult to maintain the bond. Besides this there is also a great risk of the partners getting into colleges that are at two different ends of the world. Even if all goes fine for them, maintaining a long distance relationship can get extremely frustrating at times.

Therefore the bottom-line is that though most high school relationships do not last, strong determination, patience and maturity can sure go along way in making things work out. Besides, who can deny the fact that getting married to somebody you have known since your teenage days is one of the best feelings in the world. ‘High school sweetheart – can it really last?’ undoubtedly remains one debatable question!

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