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How To Ask A Guy To Be Your Boyfriend and Make Him The Love of Your Life!!

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‘How to ask a guy to be your boyfriend’ is one weird topic that most girls dread. It is not as simple as it sounds because the fear of losing someone who could have been a friend at least is always there.

Though the voice deep inside you screams that he is the one made only for you, still the apprehensions of rejection haunt you at night and you just cannot bring yourself to the point where you can ask him to be your boyfriend.

However, when you are sick of daydreaming about someone who can simply be the closest one to you, its high time you need to sit up straight and find out ways of turning him into someone more than a friend.

Once you have decided that you want to turn this guy into somebody more than a trusty sidekick, just think of a few possibilities before you jump into the actual proposal. There are certain questions that you need to ask yourself before you ask him anything serious.

The first thing is to confirm the seriousness of your infatuation. In simple words, would you like to stick to him even if he is not much of interested in you, or is he actually that much fascinated by you that he will agree to your proposal? Once you are sure of such things, decide on the safest, most special and the most comfortable place where you can ask him your million-dollar question.

Also before you actually speak your heart out, just maintain your confidence level. Always remember, we live in a society where it is common for boys to ask the girl out, but if the positions are reversed, it is considered as something extraordinary. So even if he does not like you much, he will definitely be impressed by your boldness and straightforward nature. So instead of wasting time beating around the bush, you can simply tell him what you feel for him.

Just let him know how eagerly you crave for his company and the happiness you derive when you are with him. Your open mindedness will definitely cause him to share his thoughts with you. He will let you know whether he is interested in a casual fling or is looking for a serious long-term commitment or if he is interested at all.

Sometimes it is suggested to start your conversation with a bit of flirtations. Your playful actions may at times help you to know him better and will also give you an insight of his feelings towards you. When you have discussed your common interests with him and have complimented him enough as a part of flirtation, just gather your guts and ask him out.

If you are lucky enough to attract his interest, and he agrees to your proposal, just let him know how deeply you feel for him and the kind of relationship you are looking forward to. If you follow these few steps religiously, I am sure you will never face a problem in asking someone to be your boyfriend.

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