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Learn How to Lure Pisces Men and Keep Them Hooked Forever to Your Little Finger

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Before you learn how to lure Pisces men, you must first understand your man well. Pisces men can be of two opposite kinds, one, being the kind to go where the tide takes them and the other, to swim against it. While the former tends to stay lost in his world of dreams, the later is the kind to go out and struggle to get what they want.

However, one common factor between both the kinds is that they always seek encouragement from their partners and need to be constantly assured that they support their dreams.

Never make the mistake of perceiving your Pisces man to be feeble or weak. Even though they tend to be sometimes unrealistic and may lose confidence in self, once they make up their minds to get into action, they can be big achievers.

Therefore, to know how to lure a Pisces man, you must have the quality to get them into action, without being harsh on them, or hurting their ambitions. Encourage them and believe in them. They will love you for it!

Pisces men tend to love women with an intriguing personality. Though looks are important, what is the most important trait that they need in their women is intelligence and warmth. Be a woman who can talk smart and keep the man guessing while you are having a light conversation, but make sure you are all deep and understanding giving good advice when the situation demands so.

To learn how to lure Pisces men, you must master the art of making them see your point of view by considering the situation from the emotional angle if the practical facts and figures fail to convince him. Also, it is important to remember that for most Pisces men, money is not more important than personal satisfaction. So avoid becoming a woman who keeps pushing her man to ask for a raise.

Since Pisces men are extremely sharp and have good intuition, it is best to be yourself when you are with them. They are good at reading your mind through your body language and will tend to consider situations form both points of view.

Make sure you convince them that you are capable of being loyal, and will stand by him no matter what. Do not be pushy, and give them their personal space. If they wish to be alone, let them be. The secret to stealing a Pisces man’s heart is being calm and selfless while giving.

Women often like to know what sign is compatible with Pisces. Though what ultimately matters is how compatible you are personally with your Pisces man, generally women born under the signs of Capricorn, Scorpio, Cancer and Taurus, and also sometimes also Pisces and Virgo have an edge over others, when it comes to learning how to lure Pisces men.

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