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How To Make Men Jealous And Inspire Dedication In Them And Making It Stay!!

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‘How to make men jealous?’ is a common topic pondered over by most women, who interestingly, themselves are quite insecure in their own relationships. However, they believe that jealousy is a weapon that can be skillfully used to get their men.

As a matter of fact, women face more insecurities both in and out of a relationship and when they try to make a guy jealous, their message is simple – ‘Pay your complete attention to me, I exist!!’. Apart from attention, there is another important reason for making their men jealous. They simply want to make sure if their men are actually serious about the whole affair.

For some women jealousy is the simplest game that can help them to rise a little higher out of their significant other. It’s a route that they take to become even more wanted. Many a times it is a trick that gives magical result. The feeling of envy and the perception that someone might just walk away with your favourite piece of cake, makes men move faster in their approach instead of the slogging habit of keeping the women waiting forever.

Jealousy is a tool that can be used effectively to get more information out of your man, but the whole conjuration plot is to be used in the most balancing way. An overplay might even result in opposite reactions taking your man farther away from you.

Here we will discuss some basic tips on how to make a guy jealous. The first and the most basic step is to make sure that he is actually interested in you. So before you start your game, be sure that the player is within your reach and you are not playing in a barren field.

The second important step is to pay the maximum amount of attention to yourself. The more attention you pay to yourself and the more indulgent you seem in your beauty regime, the more inquisitive your man turns and even if this does not make your man turn yellow, at least you will have the satisfaction of indulging in yourself and turning yourself even more beautiful.

Though the most sought after way is to flirt around with guys and to date them occasionally, it is always considered better to go to this step via the girlfriends. In the initial stages you should just try to spend time with more of girl friends making him wonder what on earth makes you chat with them for such long hours.

You can even plan a stay at your friend’s place that might simply add fuel to the fire. You should also try not to make things obvious as it might turn the whole game on you. Just be yourself and stick to the rules of the game without making it a big show off.

Finally, display your self-confidence and make your man realize what he will miss in life if he loses you. Your confidence topped and with these tips on how to make men jealous you can get your man back in line making him your soulmate if not your pet!!

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