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Useful Tips To “How To Make Relationship Last In This Twenty First Century” Which Are Practical Too

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How to make relationship last? The answer to these shall come as we progress. I shall not call it a plan, because a relationship can never be planned. It is born it the deepest core of our heart and the ultimate bliss can only be felt when we give not just our body, but our soul into the relationship.

Perhaps it is one of the most common urge in all of us, deep inside our hearts to have a relationship which would last forever and ever. However standing in this twenty first century it is really tough to find one such. We are more concerned to our career these days.

The foremost thing is the selection of the partner. With wrong selection a relation can never become a long-lasting one. Though the common saying goes – ‘opposites attract’, may be true in the initial stance, but in long runs partners with large degrees of differences in terms of goals and values can never have a smoothly sailing relationship.

Mutual respect is one of the most important things that both the people should keep in mind. We should learn to acknowledge the achievements of our partners while with family or at a social gathering. Both should try to listen to the other patiently, even if we do not want to do so.

No ego should creep in a perfect relation. We should try to accept our own faults and learn to apologies. This does not mean lowering ones-own self, but rather learning to rectify from our own faults, while making the other person feel important. The three Cs- commitment, caring and communication should be strictly followed.

Maturity and friendship are the next big things in a relationship to make it last forever. A relation, be with our spouse, friend, brother, sister, dad or mom; can never last without friendship. A relation without the casualness of friendship is lifeless and hence, can never last long.

Relationships are fragile and may crack when held too tightly. We should never mistrust our partner. For, trust is the sole basis, on which a relationship stands. Suspicion only ruins relation. We should have faith on the other person and believe on him/her from our heart. However, if any suspicion creeps in, then it should be settled by proper and direct communication with the other.

How to make relationship last, when it is a distant one? Daily contact is necessary, either over the phone, e-mail or by some other means, as may be feasible. Reunions should be planned as and when possible, because the essence of love after all is in staying together.
These few things when followed in harmony, shall be the perfect answer to – ‘How to make relationship last?’

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