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Long Distance Dates Need Not be Stressful

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Long distance dates need careful nurturing if you are serious about the relationship. For that matter, any dating and relationships require honesty, passion and trust, whether long distance or round the corner. Though long distance dating may seem difficult if not outright impossible, it can work out if both partners put their best efforts in it.

In the age of the internet, the long distance dating scene has become more complicated and is not restricted to holiday or work-related romances. Online dating sites allow you to meet a wide spectrum of people with common interests.

This may spark off some passion with a particular person but the problem may be that your friend may be from another city, state or country. This may present unique challenges for you as a couple.

There will be plenty of people who will not advice long distance relationships citing every potential difficulty but if you really want it to work you will find the ways and means to do it. Meanwhile, here are a few long distance dating ideas:

One of the biggest advantages of the technology boom is that now you can actually see and talk to a person who is thousands of miles away. The webcam is probably a life saver for long-distance couples in love as they can chat on the net all the while seeing each other.

While this cannot make up for actually being together, it does enhance the feeling of closeness when you are miles apart. Just being able to see your beloved’s face while talking to him/her will keep you going till you meet again in flesh.

Sending each other long distance love letter will keep the romance alive. Again, the internet is very handy as your love messages can be transmitted immediately. Write a poem on long distance relationships and mail it to your flame. It will help strengthen further the bond between the two of you.

One of the hardest things in long distance dating is not being able to do stuff which ‘normal’ couples can do, like going out for movies or dinner or theater. One simple way to get around it is to hire the same movie and watch it simultaneously, while you chat on the phone.

To make it more romantic, dim the lights and have good food at hand. You can even try your hand at playing games together on the internet. Chess, scrabble, Everquest are all available on the net and playing with each other will make you feel closer and not so lonely.

Long distance dates, in fact, give romance that extra edge as you are away from your beloved for prolonged periods making the reunions that much sweeter.

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