Monday, February 19, 2018

I’m Sorry Letters | Writing a Love Letter Saying Sorry to Someone Special

A love letter saying sorry can express your feelings and you can even confess your mistake. Start your letter with a love note and then explain what exactly happened. Tell your partner you regret whatever had happened and promise him/her that the mistake will never be repeated. Be sincere with what you write. True feelings can always be understood.

A love letter of apology should never have any excuses in it. You should always accept your mistake and ask forgiveness for the same. If your partner is upset because you forgot an important occasion then it’s advisable that you promise to plan a romantic dinner at his/her favourite restaurant. This will add credibility to your letter.

I’m sorry love letters reflect your love and commitment towards your partner. It shows that you did make a mistake but you accepted it and are apologising for it. It shows how much you want your partner to forgive you and start your relationship afresh.

You can mention few of the memorable moments you had with your partner in I am sorry love letter. You can tell how much you miss those moments, the warmth that you felt when you two were together. How you regret that instance when you hurt your partner. And now you are willing to do just anything for forgiveness and to get him/her back in your life.

In the letter you can even write a short love poem or deep love poem to say how sorry you are. Or write a love song that he/she likes. This will reflect how much you care for your partner.

When writing an apology letter to husband, wife, boyfriend or girlfriend it’s always advisable neither to blame the other person nor to insult him/her. This may make the situation even worse. It’s always better to ask for forgiveness from the core of your heart and promise to pay heed to your lover’s feelings in future. You’re putting in so much effort in writing an apology letter, shows how much you care for your lover. So why hurt him/her further by starting the blame game.

If you have hurt your wife or girlfriend by ignoring her or not paying attention to her needs, it’s wise to say sorry without any delay. Girls are very sensitive and can forgive you easily, but you just need to be sincere when saying sorry to your loved one. And in future do work on the areas that led to all the confusion and the fight.

A love letter saying sorry can clear all misunderstandings and help you start your relationship with zest. It can even add fervour to your love life. Your spouse/lover will get to know how much you care about him/her. Write it down as quickly as you can and this is the best way of renewing your relationship.

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