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Love Text Message – Instant Communication of Your ‘Loverly’ Feelings!

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Love text message has become one of the most popular ways of keeping in touch with your beloved throughout the day whether you are seven miles or seven seas apart from each other! There is no doubt that the age of the mobile phone has changed the way even romance is perceived.

While some may argue that there is too much of intrusion into one’s privacy and even lovers do not give each other breathing space because they constantly send text message from mobile to each other, there is till something to be said about the ease and convenience of sending across a romantic text message to your beloved whenever you feel like. The days of letter-writing when the mail would take its own sweet time to reach are long over and text messaging is the new buzzword.

Beautiful Yong Woman Enjoying Reading Romantic Love Text Message from Her Long Distance Boy FriendRomance is essential to life and keeping the romance alive in a relationship even more so. What better way then, than to send love sms message to your lover which he/she can read in a few seconds? Sometimes, all it takes to keep us happy is receiving some romantic text messages from our spouses or boyfriends/girlfriends to keep us going through the day.

Love is a special feeling and made to feel loved and thought of with the help of romantic text messages makes the feeling more intense. Some romantic messages to send could include, ‘the champagne and me are waiting for you’ (hinting at a tryst later in the evening) or ‘how about making me feel less lonesome?’(if your beloved is far away from you), besides the usual ‘I love you’ and ‘I miss you’ and ‘am thinking of you’ etc.

Hinting at more exciting things to come later on a date or a special occasion adds that delicious touch of romantic suspense in any love sms message and can keep the anticipation of your beloved high through the course of the day. This has proved to be one of the best text message ideas especially for married couples who want to keep the romance alive in their marriage.

Text messaging also becomes a handy tool when friends become lovers as it helps to get over the initial awkwardness of finding themselves in a different relationship from what they started out.

Mouthing ‘I love you’ may be a tad difficult to say to your friend turned lover in the initial stages and a romantic text message takes care of this as both can message the cheesiest of romantic lines to each other without collapsing in laughter face-to-face or feeling diffident and shy at least in the beginning of this new relationship. There is no doubt a love text message can do wonders for a relationship, whether old or new!


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