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Colorful Musical Birthday Cards For The People You Love And Wish To Impress

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The practice of sending musical birthday cards is not too old a concept though the convention of sending greetings existed even in ancient times. Bright colours, flowers and music have always been an integral part happy occasions.

The act of sending greetings can be traced back to the ancient Egyptians and the Chinese. By the 1400s Europe was exchanging greeting cards made of hand made paper. Slowly the practice of sending card on New Year, valentine, Christmas and birthdays spread throughout the world.

With advancement in technology began the production of cards that produced music. People began sending musical birthday cards that actually sang or played the happy birthday tune to the recipient.

Musical birthday cards can either be handmade or they can also be e-cards. You can imagine the look of happiness on the face of your loved one when the music starts playing. Musical birthday e cards are surely an unforgettable experience. It can make one feel very, very special.

In handmade musical birthday cards, a small electronic printed circuit with a small IC in the heart of the card is programmed to play an audio file, repeating it till switched off. A small paper slider attached to the card opens and closes the circuit when the card is opened or folded back.

The beautiful Green Revolution birthday cards touch hearts and create lasting impression. Hallmark, the leading producer of cards in United States has a wide collection of musical birthday cards. American Greetings is also a leading name. Renowned companies use top quality acid free recyclable paper. The messages and music vary in mood and content but surely touch the heart.

Musical birthday cards may also be sent by e-mail. There are innumerable sites like,,,, and to name a few. Musical card is basically an Adobe Flash programme based card. Predesigned cards, with provisions for further embedding are available.

A birthday tune can be selected from a wide range of music styles, like Latin groovy, blues, reggae, rap, rock n roll country and many more. The options of course vary from site to site. The look of a musical birthday e card can be customized. It will not only play music but will also allow you to express your thoughts and sometimes even include photographs.3D birthday cards playing music can make the important occasion extra special.

Sending Musical birthday cards is a very romantic way of expressing your thoughts. You will always cherish the smile the music will bring to the face your loved one on his birthday.

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