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Redefine the Concept of Marriage – Just a Legal Contract or a Real Commitment!

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Let’s take a closer look at the statement ‘Marriage – Just a legal contract or a real commitment!’

Marriage is certainly defined as an institute that has the capacity to legitimize a relationship. But marriage today is not only considered as a social institution but also a social expectation. People today consider marriage nothing more than a legal contract.

For some it is a strange ritual intertwined with traditions, while for some it a custom that legalizes adultery and personifies inequality. In fact, some have even gone to an extent of comparing the marriage contract to a car contract. These people fix the interest rate, buy the car but then forget to take the necessary trouble of washing the car and oiling it. The same goes for marriage as well.

It is not only a piece of paper with a government stamp on it, but also a life time commitment made to your loved one. The entire process can run smoothly only if you commit yourself to your partner and give him/her the due love, respect and position in your life.

The sensible and modern lot believes that they do not need the government to sanctify their marriages. They are happy and committed to their partners and even go to the extent of getting into domestic partnerships rather than the blessed, inexorable and exclusive social prospect called marriage.

But this concept somehow highlights the arbitrariness of marriage. It strictly undermines the fatal essential claim that this romantic partnership also needs to be endorsed by God, in order to qualify as legal or moral.

In the current modern society, the status of marriage as an institution has almost vanished. Even government has now legalized these ‘live-in’ relations on the basis of the binding commitment and mutual regard that exists between the partners.

Moving on to higher strata we also find a class of people who marry in order to maintain a social status. For them marriage is a ceremony and a social reality that reigns supreme. The other special group looks into the practical benefit of marriage.

For example, most youngsters believe that marrying a different national can help them to gain permanent residency in their dream states or countries. Such marriages are born on a piece of paper and continue only as a government validation to explore the benefits attached to it. The moment the purpose is served, these marriages end without creating any hue or cry.

In spite of the practical and rational views, it should be remembered that marriage is the most personal social partnership that a person can enter. By favoring more liberal criteria for marriage, we are simply losing out on the values and morals attached to it. Instead of celebrating the supremacy and purity of marriage, we simply stuck to this institution like the way we are stuck with diseases or taxes.

However, it should be remembered that marriage is not only a legal paper contract or a tradition but more of a commitment. Whether the boundary of marriage is wide or narrow, Marriage – Just a legal contract or a real commitment, no matter what your opinion is, it encircles both pain as well as joy and the circle can be complete only if this legal and moral institution has love and ethics attached to it.

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