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Develop Relationships with Men in a Romantic Way and Tips to Sustain it

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Young Couple Starts New Relationship
Relationships with men can sometimes get trickier than one actually thinks. All relationships require nurturing to sustain it. Contrary to romantic notions relationship between a man and a woman in a romantic way is complex and takes a lot of mature handling. Women often feel confused and unsure of what their man is actually seeking from them and this may lead to misunderstandings and bad decisions which may be regretted later on.

The first misconception which many a woman has to date is that men do not seek love as much as women. It may surprise these women to know that men actually crave for love and like being loved and to love. The whole notion of men just being interested in the physical aspect of a relationship does not hold water. Most men want love from their women and a caring, nurturing woman will always come out tops.

Next, in spite of our heads being filled with pictures of men falling only for the impossibly glamorous looking social chicks, men primarily want a woman who looks good but is not unduly obsessed with her looks.

They would like their woman to take care of themselves and look attractive but at the same time a narcissistic woman will put them off. So, stop fishing out that little carry-on mirror every time you are with your guy and for a change, concentrate on him!

Then, do not be at his beck and call. Women tend to get more emotional and end up making themselves too compliant in their relationships with men. Do not make this mistake. Do not play hide-and-seek with him but at the same time do not drop every important thing which you may happen to be doing at a single call from him and especially if this happens once too often. Men quickly lose respect for women who are too easily available for every little thing.

It is sometimes difficult for a woman to comprehend that men need emotional support as much as her. Unlike women, men are actually less voluble when it comes to discussing their problems. Many women annoy their partner by constantly badgering and demanding to know what the problem is. At such times, help him open up and if he still wants to be left alone, appreciate that and give him his space till he is ready to talk. Be supportive and let him know that you are there for him.

Over-possessiveness is another factor which mutilates relationships with men and women should guard against this destructive trait. Equally important, do not accept the same from him.

As in any relationship, a lot of care and thought has to go into it for it to be sustainable.

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