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Bond Better With Each Other – Make Romance Scrapbooks

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Romance ScrapbookRomance scrapbooks or couple scrapbook are ideal when you want to gift something sentimental to your boyfriend. Memories always bond relationships more strongly but memories fade and the only way to preserve them is to have some tangible forms for them.

Photographs very naturally form the bulk of our memories and then there are personal diaries or collections of mementoes harking back to certain occasions. What if we put all these elements together in a single entity?

We would then have a collage of our memories and taking a walk down the path of nostalgia would be easier with photos, some scribblings and some concrete remnants of special occasions pasted in it.

If you are wondering how to make a love scrapbook, here are some scrapbook ideas for couples.

You can either buy a readymade scrapbook with colorful pages or make your own by stapling the pages together and making a cover for it which can be cloth-bound or paper-bound. You can either go in for different colored pages or stick to a color theme.

The process becomes easier if you have been collecting some mementoes of your courtship like pressed roses, theater or concert tickets, candy wrappers etc. You can paste these in the scrapbook with a personal note for each memento to bring back those memories associated with it.

Anything associated with your relationship starting from your first date to birthdays, anniversaries or special dates can be added to your romantic scrapbooking. Dialogues from favorite cinemas which have a unique meaning for the two of you can be written underneath those cinema tickets (if you still have them).

Humorous ditties, favorite jokes or some lines about funny incidents which you have shared will add a touch of fun to the scrapbook besides evoking some laughter-filled moments. Don’t forget to write the dates associated with each memory.

Photos form a substantial part of our tangible memories and what better way to preserve them than by getting hold of scrapbook photo albums? All the photos of the two of you which are dearest to your heart can be compiled in one 12×12 scrapbook album or an album of any other size. Write down some intimate lines about each snap underneath it.

Digital scrapbooks are the latest thing for compiling memories. Your digital scrapbook pages can be decorated with the help of Photoshop, Photoshop Elements and Paint Shop Pro. You can experiment with endless design elements, colors and shapes and crop, enlarge, tint or age photos till you get it the way you want it. You can then share this digital scrapbook with your boyfriend and keep adding or subtracting contents to it. Romance scrapbooks hold all those special memories within its pages and would make any beloved delighted.

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