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Romantic Concepts on the Best Places to Propose to Your Girlfriend

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If you are somebody romantic at heart, but out of creative ideas for the best places to propose, then here we have some helpful suggestions that can make your day bigger and better than ever! Read ahead…

One of the best places to propose, as agreed by a number of people, is on the sea. You could arrange a lovely dinner on a cruise for the two of you, or have a special something planned on that little island in the middle of the sea- yes the one where no one has ever been before! You can also propose your lover on the beach, by a warm bonfire, under the stars.

Another very romantic place to propose is the place where you first met, or your favorite hangout, or any location which is very special for your relationship. For instance, if you are a couple that goes under water diving, you can arrange something underwater, or if you went for a movie on your first date you can book an entire theater and propose her there.

A lot of TV channels also have reality shows these days, where you can propose on camera, with the entire country watching you! Sometimes they also help you with great ideas, like painting a billboard professing your love, and things like that. So find out if any of these channels are available in your country and if you can do something of similar sort. Or else, if you have any personal contacts in the local news channel or the radio station, you can try out your luck there too. You can also find out if you can get the proposal printed in the local newspaper, maybe in the whole of front page- this works perfectly well if you can be with them to share the moment and your lover is a serious newspaper reader.

If that is not an option, but you know your lover would love to be proposed in public, and are wondering where to propose so that they can show off how much they are loved- A fantastic idea is to propose them at a family function, like their cousin’s wedding, or at a friend’s housewarming party, or if they are studying somewhere, then maybe in front of their entire college/university.

Proposing your soul mate is undoubtedly going to be one of the most important experiences of both of your lives. It is the moment you both have been waiting for since forever and will cherish and talk about a million times in future. Hence, it only makes sense to make it nothing but absolutely perfect. So think about the above mentioned list of the best places to propose and choose the one that fits your style perfectly!

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