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Safe Online Dating- A Few Tips To Be Kept In Mind

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Safe online dating has become a prerequisite for teens and anyone else who wants to date online. With so many horror stories popping up every day of the consequences of online dating, it would be tempting to blame online dating as irresponsible and dangerous. But, there is no reason why online dating cannot be safe and secure if a few commonsense rules are followed.

These safety measures may seem commonplace but it is surprising how many teens still do not follow these basic steps and land into serious trouble. So, it is essential that they be made fully aware of the dos and don’ts of online dating and then there is no reason why it cannot be enjoyed.

The first and foremost thing to realize is that no online dating service will ever offer total security. This does not mean that the site can absolve itself of all responsibility and it must maintain basic security procedures such as reviewing daters’ profiles to comply with decency laws, reporting any suspicious or criminal activities to the authorities and looking into users’ complaints on other customers.

No site should imply total and inherent safety which may mislead users. Young users are more vulnerable to such false security implications and it would be for the best if every user maintained his/her own guard vigilantly and not give away any confidences right at the beginning.

One should not at any cost give away personal information like mobile number or home phone number and full name too soon. These provide easy ways to track down your home, work place and other important information about yourself. If someone badgers you for these details too soon or even if you are still not ready, know that the person does not have good intentions and immediately break off with the person concerned.

If the relationship develops to the stage of chatting, use ‘skype’ or a pay phone to chat instead of using your personal number.

Ask for a recent photo. A photo along with the communication can convey a lot about the person and additionally, you can match the recent photo to the person when you do decide to meet. If the photo does not match, you know that the person can lie and you should just drop him/her.

Any inappropriate remarks or advances should be taken as warning signal to drop the person like a hot potato.

Teens especially are vulnerable to falling prey to the lures of married people and it is imperative that they be extra stringent while going through profiles. They should also never plan to meet the online date alone the first time or without telling anyone. A friend or adult should be aware of where they are meeting. They should always meet in a public place at daytime and with their own transport.

And, most importantly always go by your instinct. If you feel something is not right, it is not and you must break off all communications with the person concerned.

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