Monday, December 18, 2017

Can A Scorpio And Leo Relationship Run Successfully?

Scorpio and Leo relationships compatibility has some problem areas like any other zodiac signs compatibility, as all sun stars have different nature and characteristics. Few Leo sign characteristics and Scorpio characteristics are common such as both of them are proud, determined and stubborn in nature. It is their strong character which makes them similar and binds together, at the same time only due to this strong character of both sun signs there are hell lot of differences created between them.

Both Scorpions and Leos has a strong will power, strong sense of commitment and strong resolve which brings them closer but it is due to these characteristics they get some stubbornness in their nature which does not allow them to hear each other and understand each other’s view points. This gives birth to a sense of jealousy and creates trouble in Scorpio and Leo relationships.

Leo zodiac compatibility with Scorpio star is not that difficult but there are few differences in their nature which can create a gulf between them. While Scorpions keep their strong feelings to themselves and do not express them freely, Leos are generally open about their feelings.

On the emotions front, they again have some differences as Leos consider the Scorpions to be controlling in nature whereas the Scorpions will always have complains about Leos not giving value to their emotional feelings. While the Scorpions are not very extrovert and want to keep their partners to themselves the Leos have a nature of drawing attention from everyone and wanting to become the centre of attention.

However, Scorpions have some Leo compatible signs as both Leos and Scorpions are passionate in nature and can have a strong sexual attraction between them. There is an attraction between both these signs and also a want to know each other which may act in bringing them together. They can become a potent match sexually and if married they will have a good sexual life.

However, the emotional differences which both these star signs have, may come in the way of their happy married life as Scorpions will feel that Leos are unable to understand their emotional feelings and at the same time Leos will feel that Scorpion is trying to have a command over them.

So while discussing Leo and Scorpio compatibility, we can say that as long as both of them understand each others insecurities and do not try to dominate each other their relationship will flourish. Only it is when the power balance is misbalanced and one of them tries to take control of other they will have difficult roads in their relationship. A Scorpio and Leo relationship can be on the top of the world if both of them have planets of love (Venus), emotions (Moon), desires (Mars) and Mentality (Mercury) in them.


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