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Unique Marriage Proposal Ideas for That Special Moment to be Cherished and Treasured

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Marriage proposal ideas are innumerable and while every individual has his own take on how to propose to his woman, a little bit of help in this direction is not amiss. This moment of actually proposing to your loved one is something extremely special as well as very personal. It will be a story to be carried forward to your children and grandchildren.

To create magic in that one moment requires a lot of effort on one person’s part while someone else may create that magic in one spontaneous moment. For the most part, men get a bit tongue-tied and unsure of themselves when it comes to this and it is here that organizations/ sites offering marriage proposal ideas are always welcome.

For the proposal to be perfect you must first consider the type of person your beloved is and then you can build it around that adding your own style to it. The most obvious is the romantic proposal which calls for flowers, candles, chocolates and the works.

If you are a romantic couple, then a candle-lit dinner in a fancy restaurant will be right up your sleeve. In the restaurant you can pre-arrange for the ring box to be placed on her dessert plate or in her champagne glass and watch her become overwhelmed when she discovers the ring. And despair not, if your budget does not allow for all this expenditure.

You can always cook a special dinner at home. The only splurge which you should perhaps make is in getting champagne. After all, it is not everyday that we make marriage proposals!

If your woman is stylish to the core and likes to be pampered extravagantly, then a romantic vacation would be something right for you both. Proposing to her in a romantic city/countryside, an exotic island or beach would be very impressive.

There is something about such places which automatically puts one in a romantic mood and what better way to propose than perhaps atop the Eiffel Tower in Paris or in a gondola in Venice or snuggling into a Swiss chalet on the Alps?!!

For someone with a sense of drama, you could have banners from airplanes or on rooftops asking for her hand in marriage. You may even organize a band in a restaurant and in the middle or the end of the performance, take the mike yourself and pop the question!

One of the simplest yet dramatic marriage proposal ideas would be to slip in the message in an engraved bottle filled with shells maybe or dried flowers and have it delivered to her in an old wooden treasure box. So, go ahead! You are all set and she is waiting for you!


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