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An Everlasting Proposal : The Best Ways to Propose Marriage

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There are many ways to propose marriage to your loved one so she would always say a yes and accept your proposal. Many go for expensive outings and lavish set ups but some of the most creative way to ask the question to your partner involves simple scenarios with a lot of innovation and participation from your heart. It is those special moments that make the question special, making your partner realize how much she means to you and your life.

There are several personally created romantic ways to propose that could leave an everlasting impression on her heart. You can call her to meet you on a special isolated place and have prior preparations made on that night. The moment she reaches that place, the music of the song which played on your first date would begin to play all around her, reminding her of the unforgettable memories.

You can guide her to you by using your voice and then come down from the dark with a bouquet of flowers in your hand and the engagement ring, turning off every other light except the one falling on both of you. As she basks in the silvery softness of the night, you could have a projector play a slideshow of all the photos of you together and get down on your knees asking her to make you her life partner. This would surely win her over making her accept your proposal with tears of joy streaming down her eyes.

If you want other marriage proposal ideas, you can take her out to an expensive restaurant and try the traditional ring at the bottom of the champagne class technique. You can also go live on the radio on her favorite program, proposing to her over the airwaves and dedicating a song towards her and your future.
You can also make a video of you asking the question along with the request of all your friends and family asking her to say yes in the video. You could pop in the video the next time both of you are together at your place and make her feel the same warmth and value which she brings to your life.

You can search online and ask for several tips on the best marriage proposal idea and consult your friends to plan the most unique of suggestions. Think of the facts and things that attract her and use those effectively while making the proposal. This would be the most important question in your entire life so go all out in making it a special moment of celebration and acceptance by coming up with the best ways to propose marriage and make her yours forever.


One Response to “An Everlasting Proposal : The Best Ways to Propose Marriage”
  1. Tia says:

    this is what you say while proposing

    (name)i promise to love you every moment and forever. And would you do me the extraordinary honour of marrying me?

    (wait for her answer…)

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