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Wedding Planner Books for the Helpful Hassle Free Celebration of Love

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This newly married young couple successfully tight the knot without any hassle after going through the wedding planners books with the right guide and helps

Wedding planner books are indispensable when it comes to organizing that fairy tale wedding which you have always envisioned. A perfect wedding is every person’s dream. But given the hectic schedule that we all follow, a well organized wedding would seem to many very far fetched.

Appointment of a professional planner is not always feasible given the strict budget that the couples have often to work within. So the wedding planner books that are available in the market are extremely helpful.

Couples, planning their wedding, will have many queries. They may wonder about budgeting, handling of guests, bridal hairstyles, which bridal flowers to use, mother of the bride dresses, what questions to ask the professional wedding photographers or wedding videographers and the caterer, and if it is not their first marriage, they may need help with wording of the invitation.

Planning of honeymoon destination is also an integral part of any wedding. Wedding planner books deal with all these issues. A planner consists of tips and numerous worksheets, which assist couples to shop, organize everything and take decisions, and even write thank you notes. Some even advise couples marrying the second time and guide them regarding inclusion of children.

The Houston Wedding Planner, which is a Tiger Oaks publication, is helpful for the bride as well as the groom. It deals with all the minute details of the occasion starting from preparation of guest list to planning of the honeymoon.

Sharon Naylor’s, 1000 Best Secrets for Your Perfect Wedding offers numerous ideas to make a wedding perfect. This 398-page planner provides ideas regarding gifts, photo sessions, family members, laying of tables, organizing gifts. It offers unique ideas to make the occasion a memorable one.

A Personal Wedding Planner, a 196-page spiral bound book by Sharon Cook and Elizabeth Gale consists of colourful illustrations to sections on reception, flowers, the actual ceremony, money and honeymoon.

Emily Post’s Wedding Planner Bookis also quite effective. It not only deals with the details of planning a dream wedding but also helps couples to deal with professionals. Apart from valuable tips regarding the wedding ceremony, food, bridal dress, it consists of lots of worksheets to monitor expenses.

A wedding is not complete without the bridesmaids and the ring bearer. They have important roles to play. Good wedding planner books provide valuable tips regarding their roles, as a wedding would remain incomplete without them.

Wedding planner books are designed to offer utmost help to apprehensive couples and calm the jittery nerves of the bride and the groom. A well-planned wedding with beautiful moments is something one cherishes throughout one’s life. So go ahead and plan a wonderful celebration of your love with the help of wedding planner books.

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