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Find Here What the World Says About ‘What is Love”

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‘What is love’ is very difficult to describe! Love at times can be the most wonderful feeling one can ever experience and at the same time it can be the most hurting emotion in one’s life. The fact remains that love is too strange a feeling to be expressed in words.

To explain what love is, we need to explore a sea of emotions before we arrive at any particular conclusion on the definition of love. To begin with, let us make something very clear – love is completely different from infatuation or lust. It does not end in a few meetings and is much beyond the horizons of sex.

For some, love is a magical sense of affection and possessiveness, while for others it is an ineffable feeling that encompasses utmost care and responsibility. It can also be expressed in terms of generic pleasure or interpersonal relation. Love can be a passionate desire involved in romance or a non-sexual emotional proximity felt in observed in platonic relationships.

Not only this, it can also be a sense of oneness with the Almighty that is referred to as the devotional or religious love. However, the most rejoiced love is the interpersonal love that exists between human beings.

Inspite of all the diversities and complexities love continues to be protective, trustworthy, persevering and always giving. To be in love with your beloved gives you the kind of pleasure that is beyond imagination. It is a heavenly feeling that is neither self-seeking nor rude. It is not envious and never keeps a record of wrongs that your loved ones do to you. Still love relationships are often misunderstood and this happens because people in love look for irrelevant characteristics in their partners. They are misled by physical appearances, wealth and popularity and this leads to incompatible matches.

True love is always identified on the basis of commitments that you make to your partner. But all said and done, the important question remains – ‘how to love’. This is vital because people usually refuse to meet the needs of their partners and so they fail in their love venture.

Love succeeds only if you try to empathize with your partner and appreciate their actions. Interestingly, love teaches you to be happy rather than right. Love cannot be judged on the basis of rights and wrongs and it does not even depend on any vindication.

True love is unconditional and expects nothing in return. You can only hold on to love if you realize the importance of love and you live in the fear of losing your loved ones. Love is ever enduring, and is definitely timeless as well as ageless. ‘What is love’ still remains an unanswered question despite all the above discussions but one thing is very clear – love is simply an acceptance without a want of betterment!

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