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Tips on What Men Love to Hear and How to Say

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What men love to hear is something which you will understand only with some experience. In the initial stages, every woman makes mistakes in really comprehending the emotions and feelings of the man and it is with only with familiarity does she come to know how to win his heart.

Even a single word can convey so much feelings but the problem with women is that they think that hearing loving words or praise is their birthright only. Somehow, men do not figure in this emotional equation at all.

What women should realize is that even though men may be from Mars and women from Venus, when it comes to hearing appreciation or praise or words of love, men are no different from women. Opposite attraction of the sexes does not mean that feelings are totally different.

What do men love to hear? For starters, try telling your man how much you love him and appreciate him and watch his face light up. If your man is going through a bad patch at work, giving him the emotional support and telling him that you have confidence in him will go a long way in making his self-belief strong.

Men also like to hear words of appreciation; if he has done something thoughtful or special for you, tell him how much you appreciate it. Even a small, meaningful gesture, if appreciated by you, will make your man feel nice. Enjoy his jokes and tell him how much you love him. Men are no different form women when it comes to hearing words of love.

Men attracted to women of a much younger age may feel more secure if the woman reassures him from time to time that she is happy with him and feels safe with him. Showing how much you trust him with words and actions will mean a lot to him.

The commonest mistake which all women make is to assume that the man will automatically know when they are in a bad mood and will be able to gauge their feelings without being told about it. Now, that’s a tall order! Believe me, an open admittance of whichever mood she happens to be in instead of trying to make her man do intricate guesswork is what men love to hear from their woman!

Men are notoriously bad when it comes to taking hints! So, if you want something done, tell him point blank. Clear cut information is what men love to hear from women instead of convoluted conversations and beating around the bush.

What men love to hear is not a mystery; all it requires is a thoughtful disposition and the willingness to really listen and observe from the heart.


One Response to “Tips on What Men Love to Hear and How to Say”
  1. Jessica says:

    Very well said!

    I think this is the most frequently committed mistake by women everywhere. Women like to be told how special they are and how much they mean to their boyfriend or husband but they forget that men are humans too. Men also need a little reassurance every once in a while.

    And get this! — When a woman tells her man how much she appreciates him and the little things he does for her, he’ll be more likely to do them again in the future!

    Tell him you love, tell him he’s doing the right thing, and you’ll not only make him happy but you’ll end up happier too.

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