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What the Stars Say About the Compatibility for Gemini and Cancer the Sign

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The compatibility for Gemini and cancer the sign, has not exactly been called as something to look forward to. There are profound differences existing among the two signs, which obviously cannot be considered as something very favorable. Though initially, these differences could look extremely exciting, doing the balancing act for the couple, it generally does not ensure a smooth sailing throughout.

For example, while the typical Gemini characteristics personality is marked by practical thinking and focused thoughts, the typical cancer person is moody and highly sensitive. It is because of this reason that the cancer counterpart might often feel depressed seeing their Gemini mates getting not as deeply involved in the relationship as they had hoped.

Nevertheless, this difference in temperaments can also help the partners to a great extent. While the Gemini can bring banter and light-heartedness to a cancer’s life, the cancer can always be there to sooth the Gemini after they have had a rough day.

However, under normal circumstances, this difference does not much help. A Gemini person with a female cancer zodiac or with a male cancer personality counterpart might find their partner getting more emotional than they would consider necessary

In other cases, the cancer partner could often feel insecure of the relationship and jealous, seeing their cancer counterpart’s flirtatious nature. In extreme cases, it might get tough to even keep the relationship alive and going.

Nevertheless, if the partners are open to each other’s views and learn from their personalities; they can go a long way in helping each other. They might find themselves being able to pull out of their extremes, and grow more mature.

This can help them grow as individuals, and strengthen their relationship as well. This however often requires a lot of maturity and compromise by both the parties. It must be remembered that the inherent traits might be tough to shrug off.

If you are a cancer, you often might find it tough to keep Gemini interested in you. This is because, Gemini, being the sign of the twins, is always looking for new things, and finds it tough to maintain steady interests in things for long.

They might be having too many distractions, or could be craving for a lot more excitement in life, than simply settling down and devoting all their efforts and energy on one aspect of their lives, that is, the relationship.

Therefore, the bottom-line is, that Gemini and cancer are better off only as friends, and not as soul mates. However, if the two are indeed willing to make their relationship work, then surely the question of the compatibility for Gemini and cancer the sign should not be much bothered about.

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