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What to Expect Out of a Virgo Woman Scorpio Man Relationship

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A Virgo woman Scorpio man relationship can be a great one, and has the potential to last and keep both the partners happy. Though there is a scope for difference at times, overall the union can be expected to be really good.

To start with, it is generally not very difficult for a Scorpio man to learn how to attract a Virgo female. She will easily get drawn to his intense and fun loving nature. His resolve and strength will be fascinating to her, and she will get easily attracted to him by his typical Scorpio traits personality.

They can get along well right from the start, with the Scorpio helping his lady bring out the side of her, she probably never even knew existed. For them it will be fun to grow as individuals by communicating at a much deeper level.

For example it can be safely said that both the individuals are practical, and have the same approach towards life. They analyze situations and people, and more or less have the same temperaments too. However, there method of analyzing may vary. Also the scorpion man may tend to be a lot more adventurous and fearless than a Virgo female might approve of.

Her lack of enthusiasm in being as carefree as him may often be viewed as a weakness of the goddess Virgo, by the stubborn Scorpio man. However, this difference in their temperaments can go a lot of good to them. For example, the Virgo woman could help bring bit more sensitivity in her man, while the Scorpio man can help his lady get bolder.

Therefore it can be said that just like any other relationship, even the Virgo – Scorpio relationship might have to face certain ups and downs. However, the best thing about this union is that it helps bring out the best of each of the individuals.

Since both are intelligent, and know how to deal with relationship problems and make it stronger, the problems will be easily solved. It has also been observed, that Virgo women do not mind going a little beyond their ways to make their Scorpio counterparts happy. She may not hesitate in among that extra compromise for making things work out in their relationship.

Such characteristics of a Virgo woman will be highly appreciated by the Scorpio man. It is for this reason that a Virgo woman might find herself making the best mate for Scorpio, or at least one of the best mates for Scorpio.

In such cases, the Scorpio man might also start finding himself become more loyal to his partner, such that like Virgo with relationships, even the Scorpio becomes a lot more compromising. There will be trust, understanding and loyalty. The Virgo woman-Scorpio man match is sure one to watch out for!

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11 Responses to “What to Expect Out of a Virgo Woman Scorpio Man Relationship”
  1. Lisa says:

    i love this article. im a virgo woman in a relationship with a scorpio man and its exactly how you explained it. 😀

  2. filmy online says:

    Usually I do not read post on blogs, but I would like to say that this write-up very forced me to try and do so! Your writing style has been surprised me. Thanks, quite nice post.

  3. Guess what, its true! i met this Virgo lady and she’s stunning- I feel like i’m flying over the moon. Skuki-skuki ka ma roll, i gbadun her paroll. She’s my angel…

  4. Love is in the air… She’s my kind of lady! She understands me almost immediately. I got to know she’s actuallt sensitive & intelligent!

  5. jenny says:

    wow….. this is v.true.

  6. Rebecca says:

    I am 40 yr old Virgo woman, I’ve been in relationships with men in all other compatible zodiacs (Taurus, Capricorn, Pisces, Cancer, Aries, Libra) but never met a Scorpio…till now! We are early in our courtship, but I’m blown away by how deep our connection has become so quickly. He understands me so profoundly, and he will quickly point out truths (even that hurt) because it makes me learn and grow for myself.
    I am worried to open up and trust so completely, because I want to, but I understand Scorpio’s have the ability to turn very secretive and manipulative. This would be my biggest fear cause I am very patient and tolerant and will struggle with it for longer than most other zodiac signs.
    I can see…he could be a dream come true, or become my worst nightmare. I will find out!

  7. Yanina says:

    I’m a 27yr. old virgo woman, and i just started dating this scorpio man who is the same age and day as me. we’ve known each other in a way for 9 yrs. now. i would go to his job and order some food (his family owns a bakery). We always felt a connection with one another. we never asked each other out because we always thought that the other was dating some one or in a relationship. i’ve never felt comfortable with anyone the way i do with him. And the way we can talk to each other for hours and never run out of things to say. but the thing i love the most is when we touch a subgect that he’s really pationit about he can’t contain it. you see the pation in his movements and posture but mostly in his eyes. it’s like a valcaino exploteded and you can see in them how strongly he feels about it. i can’t help but stare into his eyes when were together. Even when he seems calm you can still see the passion and energy in his eyes.

  8. SM says:

    Very veryy truue but my bf and i hav no prblms at all we’r great tgthr bt we keep on having problems because of people around us and this is really keeping us down
    but we keep on fighting

  9. Selena says:

    Im a virgo woman and i had recently got back in touch with a scorpio i’ve known most of my life since childhood. Seeing him again makes me feel so drawn into him and his beautiful eyes… be still my heart!

  10. Lisa says:

    I’m a Virgo woman and I never dated a Scorpio man, but I have a “weird” Scorpio cousin – if he hugs or kisses me, it’s with EXTREME passion in a way that doesn’t seem possible!

    When he spent a few nights at my mother’s house, I was in my bed trying to imagine how a Scorpio man would REALLY affect me. I got the idea that I would be scared of him at first for not knowing his true intentions. Hopefully, he would be a good friend, and I would only get serious with him if he was honest and trustworthy.

  11. Alexus Wein Butterfly says:

    im with a scorpio man and i just love it.And its soooo true when you say we fight for our love .. and we do, we fight really hard! and we always find a way to make each other soo happy. I have never in my life found someone besides my scorpio to release me from my shell until now. and the sex is AMAZINGGGGG!!

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