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Various Ideas For What To Write In A Wedding Card To Make It Unique And Memorable

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What to write in a wedding card is something that makes us lose sleep every time we plan to attend a wedding. A wedding card is perhaps one of the easiest cards to write as it has to contain various types of good wishes for the couple for their married life. Although it is easy to write a wedding card, the style and presentation of the writing however depends upon the relationship you have with the couple who are getting married.

Although pre written marriage cards are available which already have wishes and quotes printed on them, but to give a personal touch to the card it is recommended that you should write few sentences or words in your own handwriting wishing luck to the newly wedded couple.

If the relationship is a pure professional one, then the message should be in simple language and contain lots of best wishes and good luck for them in their forthcoming life. Whatever you write should be in accordance o maintaining your status professionally.

However, in case your relationship with the bride or groom is personal one than you can consider writing so many things which will be appreciated by the couple. If the newly wed couple is junior to you, then you may write something which will show them light in their journey of married life. For same age group, you can wish the couple lots of fun, happiness, prosperity etc. For near and dear friends your message can be witty, also wishing them happy conjugal life and healthy kids.

Writing a small poem in the wedding card which contains message wishing happiness and togetherness to the couple is also a good choice. If you are poetic, you can frame something on your own or you can source it from sources like books, internet etc. It is always better to personalize the poem by adding the names of the couple so that it gives a personal touch to it and give a feel that it has been written exclusively for them.

A wedding message for near and dear ones should be heartfelt which gives the feeling of your sentiments. It is not necessary to be very fancy in your writing but you should be able to convey your feelings from within yourself.

A true heartfelt message is sure to make the couple happy and also serves as a reference point for future. Whatever be your message in the wedding card, if it is able to convey your inner feelings to the couple then it should be considered as one of the best message.

Keeping these tips in mind help you in overcoming the mental block while wondering “What to write in a wedding card”.

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