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Why Does He Ignore Me? Reasons Why Guys Tend To Ignore Their Girlfriends

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If you find yourself asking the question why does he ignore me? And would love to find a way out of this painful situation, then here are some of the most common facts and helpful measures that you may like to consider.

To start with, it is very important for women to understand that a lot of men are not as sensitive as women tend to be in a relationship. For a lot of men, their soccer matches and weekend fishing trips are probably as important as their girlfriends. It is not like you are being compared to sports and adventure activities, but it is just that a lot of men happen to be so passionate about their hobbies that when they are at it, they cant think beyond what they happen to be doing at the moment.

Now it is natural for a woman to feel ignored and start wondering ‘why is he ignoring me’ during such circumstances. For instance if you had been looking forward to that day off from work and hoping to spend some quality time with him you might feel hurt to see him dedicate that precious day to a volleyball match.
But you must know that this does not mean that he loves you any less. He is just one of those men who cannot stop obsessing about certain things that mean so much to them. At the end of the day, if you are in trouble, he would surely ditch the match and come to help you! Now that is what really matters, doesn’t it?!

However, in some cases, the problem could be worse than just a weekend of fun ruined or a few calls ignored. He might have been showing weird tendencies of late – such as hanging up the phone in the middle of a conversation or cutting conversations short and talking about being busy too often. In such cases, you might need to figure out if these are just excuses or signs of impending trouble.

Generally in such cases, where you have reasons to doubt that he might have started to lose interest in you, the best thing to do is talk. Talk to him and find out what exactly is keeping him so busy these days. Find out what are the things he has been up to, know why is your boyfriend ignoring you. Usually, if he doesn’t have much matter and substance in his talks, you know that he is plain bored.

Often the reason for ignoring you could also be that you are probably nagging him too much or give him the feeling that you are demanding too much of his attention or time. He might be trying to hint to you that he needs his personal space. So figure out if that could be the case by analyzing the situation – and how things have been since the last few months for you both.

However, if nothing seems to make enough sense and he is not wiling to talk to you about the situation at all, or if your complain is as serious as ‘why has he stopped talking to me’ then it’s probably best to call things off and let him go. It may be tough to accept, but most probably this is only because he is over you and does not want to have anything to do with this relationship. So there is no point in being ridiculous about things and waiting for someone who does not care!

This world has a lot more to give you than the joys that a boyfriend can bring to your life! It is just about discovering your true worth and knowing that you can be your best friend and your favorite company to hang out with too! So who cares about ‘why does he ignore me’ ?!!


One Response to “Why Does He Ignore Me? Reasons Why Guys Tend To Ignore Their Girlfriends”
  1. briana says:

    I am really in love with him though . I havent spoke to him for almost two months now and i really miss him. Its not that easy to just let go. he told me alot of things about himself and his family. and he protects me like a sister every time i dissapoint him. He does everything i ever asked him to do and he never dissapoints me. That one night when we had a grad party for his nephew, i accidently drank a few shots and was heavily intoxicated that I lost track of myself and was at the point were i said some things that got him mad. I was so embarrased of myself that the next day i tried to apologize but he doesnt want it anymore. I tell you , its not easy but i have high hopes and i am not ready to move on. I always wish for a better way to solve this. -Im cool. Thanks for your help :)

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